Symptoms of Varicose Veins

For the majority of sufferers, varicose veins are an unsightly and unpleasant, but relatively benign part of life. They are most identifiable by their appearance; however there are some other symptoms that may be helpful in determining the presence of varicose veins. Common signs and symptoms of varicose veins include:

  1. Heavy feeling in the legs

  2. Aching legs, especially in the evening and after exercising

  3. Restless leg syndrome (RLS)

  4. Swollen ankles

  5. Discoloration of skin around the ankles

  6. Discoloration of skin surface surrounding problem vein areas

  7. Cramping in the legs and ankles

  8. Increased healing time of bruising and minor injuries

  9. Skin problems on the legs

  10. Development of spider veins

Some people have difficulty walking and standing for long periods of time, which can make working difficult. Tenderness near the afflicted vein or veins is also somewhat common.

You do not have to suffer from the unsightly or painful effects of varicose veins. Today’s vascular specialists have developed a myriad of possible treatments to reduce, eliminate, and prevent varicose veins.