Real Success


Being successful with 1-800-VEIN-DOC™ is not a matter of chance. If you implement the number in your advertising it will be profitable for you.

There are many, many companies, both large and small, that are using vanity numbers to help drive the success of their businesses.

Line of Business : Lending
Phone Number : 1-800-PERFECT™
"“When our company, Perfect Mortgage, switched from 1-877-882-9669 to 1-800-PERFECT the results were pretty amazing. It is conservative to say our call volume easily doubled."
Michael Sparks – Perfect Mortgage, Inc – Southfield, MI
Line of Business : Vein Care
Phone Number : 1-800-VARICOSE™
“I have to tell you, the marketing we did with 1-800-VARICOSE worked very well”
Michelle Larson, Marketing Director, Gemini Holdings, Inc.
Line of Business :Vein Care
Phone Number : 1-800-VARICOSE™
“We love getting the frequent new patients from 1-800-varicose. It looks like it’s been one or two extra a week. Nice!”
T. Tynal, Practice Manager and user of 1-800-VARICOSE, Circulatory Centers
Line of Business : Vein Care
Phone Number : 1-800-VARICOSE™
"Once we incorporated 1-800-VARICOSE into our practice marketing and advertising it easily and consistently paid for itself every month. People really remember the number."
Thomas L Eaton, MD, FASA, FACPh
Line of Business : Contact Lenses
Phone Number : 1-800-CONTACTS™
“Having the most memorable 800 vanity number in our business was the single most im¬portant ingredient to the success of 1-800-CONTACTS.”
John Nichols, Co-Founder 1-800-CONTACTS
Line of Business : Retail Florists
Phone Number : 1-800-FLOWERS™
“A good part of the population is still more comfortable on the telephone. Even in the inter¬net age, when it comes to customer service matters, customers are without a doubt, more comfortable on the phone.”
Jim McCann, chairman and CEO of 1-800-FLOWERS
Line of Business : Chiropractor
Phone Number : 1-800-BACK-DOC™
“I use 1-800-BACK-DOC because it works. I receive more calls than I ever did with any numeric number.”
Dr. John Piazza, Piazza Associates, Morrisville, PA
Line of Business : Family Medicine
Phone Number : 1-800-THE-DOCTOR™
“We decided that we wanted to expand our family medical practice. We ran radio ads on a conservative station that didn’t really produce the results that we had hoped for. We decided to try 1-800-THE DOCTOR in our ads, and the effect has been astonishing. We sign up nearly 10 new families a week compared to about 4 before we licensed the number. 1-800- THE- DOCTOR was and is a great investment and I would recommend it to anyone.”
Dr. Cal Fischer Poplar Creek Family Practice - Hoffman Estates, IL